Learning to play a musical instrument is about a lot more than technical exercises. The end goal is to have the music we create in our mind realized in physical sound, to enter into the listener's ear. In my teaching I stress this fact, and encourage the student to focus on making music as opposed to just playing the notes and rhythms. 

To this end, I focus on the following, as is necessary for the needs of each student:

  • scales, arpeggios, lip slurs, and other exercises
  • ease and efficiency in playing
  • physical and aural awareness and analyzation
  • music history, music theory
  • history of the horn, and how the horn works
  • creativity and experimentation
  • etc.

These tools are then applied to etudes and solo repertoire from all eras, in addition to repertoire the student brings in. The result is not just better horn playing, but a better sense for music in general - ultimately a well rounded musician!


Please contact me with any questions, or to ask for cost and availability.